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  • Money and a room of our own: Dep Editor Sarah Graham

  • “Cliquish, tunnel-vision intolerance afflicts too many feminists” - Camille Paglia

  • “Feminism has not happened yet” – Annie Sprinkle

  • Andrea Dworkin’s Last Rape

  • Dolly Parton – “A radical in rhinestones”

  • Companies must end culture of secrecy for the Equal Pay Act to work



Feminist Times: Ten things I hate about feminism

Deborah Coughlin | 2014-07-14

Hate's a strong word but, from polarisation to anti-trans, to putting on two stone in her role as Editor, Deborah vents!

Most rapists and murderers aren’t ill. Don’t call misogynists “mad”

Philippa Willitts | 2014-07-10

Philippa Willitts looks at the impact of language on furthering mental health stigma.

OJ, Yewtree & Pistorious: It’s time we listened to Sue Lees

Kate Smurthwaite | 2014-06-18

Kate Smurthwaite on how our justice system continues to let men get away with murder and rape. When will it change?


The Ecosexuals are Coming!

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein | 2014-07-14

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein interviews Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens about ecosexuality and Post-Porn Modernist.

End sexual violence in conflict: Change will come from the Congolese

Jude Wanga | 2014-06-11

Jude Wanga reports from the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

A Womb With a View: After birth – what I’ve learned…

Jude Rogers | 2014-06-10

After the birth of her baby boy, Jude Rogers has some epiphanies and top tips.

Charlotte's Editorial
Charlotte Raven

Feminist Times: My Feminist Times ‘journey’

Charlotte Raven | 2014-07-14

As Feminist Times as we know it is put on ice, Founder Charlotte Raven reflects.

A feminist alternative to asylums?

Charlotte Raven | 2014-05-16

Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Raven explores progressive solutions to the national mental health crisis.

Becoming Advertising

Charlotte Raven | 2014-04-10

Now even the Guardian's at it, will it be long before reality segues seamlessly into advertising? Or has it already happened?


Dolly Parton – “A radical in rhinestones”

Helen Morales | 2014-07-14

Author Helen Morales on the feminism of music legend Dolly Parton.

Suarez got a longer ban for biting than racism

Jude Wanga | 2014-07-09

Football fan Jude Wanga on how the biggest story of the World Cup has a racist undercurrent.

Song Sisters: A free songwriting masterclass tour, just for women

Helen Meissner | 2014-07-08

Are you an aspiring singer-songwriter? Don't miss the Song Sisters tour this summer.


“The left has a tendency to eat itself. The anti-capitalist left, the feminist left”

Roz Kaveney | 2014-07-14

Laurie Penny in conversation with Contributing Editor Roz Kaveney.

Trojan Horse: Ofsted & the media fall short on gender

Kalwinder Sandhu | 2014-07-03

The girls and their views have been invisible in the narrative of an Islamic extremist plot.

Video: “Expected victimhood” – do you know how to escape a zip tie?

Claire Kurylowski | 2014-06-26

Director Claire Kurylowski addresses why "How to Break Out of Zip Ties" went viral.

Hard Times

Companies must end culture of secrecy for the Equal Pay Act to work

Gloria De Piero | 2014-07-14

Gloria De Piero, on why 44 years after it was enshrined in law, women earn just 80p to every man's £1

Lifeworks and the power of protest

Editorial Team | 2014-07-09

An update from Lifeworks, the mental health clinic threatened with closure.

Unemployment up by as much 272%: Black & minority ethnic women hit hard

Kalwinder Sandhu | 2014-06-05

We need to highlight the different experiences within ethnic groups says Kalwinder Sandhu

Money & Work

Feminist Times: Money and a room of our own

Sarah Graham | 2014-07-14

Deputy Editor Sarah Graham on labours of love: how often women are expected to work for free, including us.

SHE-form: Art and feminism beyond borders

Anna Olsson | 2014-06-24

Anna Olsson tells us about She-form, an organisation for women in design.

Howzat? Cricket board stumps women’s pay potential

Lizzy Ammon | 2014-06-19

£20,000 a fortnight women's tournament rejected, while men bowled over by six figure salaries.


What Feminist Times means to me…

Editorial Team | 2014-07-14

Consciousness raising, subjectivity, troublemaking, and freedom to write while still paying the bills.

Land of Smiles: exploring Thailand’s anti-trafficking movement

Erin Kamler | 2014-06-27

Erin Kamler, creator of 'Land of Smiles', explains why some policies do more harm than good.

It’s divisive to talk about rebranding the F word

Leisa Taylor | 2014-06-25

Leisa Taylor reports back from the second Feminist Times West Midlands event.


Andrea Dworkin’s Last Rape

John Stoltenberg | 2014-07-14

Her harrowing experience is now a theatre piece. Her life partner tells the backstory.

Bates’ blueprint for a ‘normal’ wedding won’t inspire those who want to be different

Sarah Graham | 2014-06-30

Deputy Editor Sarah Graham asks why feminist wedding guides are so reluctant to be radical.

Sexism makes female sexual dysfunction a hidden problem

Emily Griffith | 2014-06-02

When women are assumed to have low sex drives, medical problems can fly under the radar. Emily Griffith asks why.


“Cliquish, tunnel-vision intolerance afflicts too many feminists”

Deborah Coughlin | 2014-07-14

An interview with "dissident feminist" Camille Paglia about the fourth wave.

How pioneering women took back Yoga from men.

Uma Dinsmore Tuli | 2014-05-29

How did a medieval male practice become a multi-billion pound global business with an almost entirely female customer base?

‘Worcester Woman’ talks back: should there be more women in politics?

Leisa Taylor | 2014-05-28

Co-ordinator of the first of our local teams explains why this new project is important.

Utopia & End Times

The Best of Feminist Times

Editorial Team | 2014-07-14

A look back at some of the best moments from ten months of Feminist Times.

Coat hangers and blood: Imagine a world without abortion

Melanie Scagliarini | 2014-06-05

Illegal abortion is only a channel away from the UK & the US is making it harder. We must remember the cost of not having control over our bodies.

#GenderWeek: Class is to gender what a tube map is to London

Roz Kaveney | 2014-04-28

Gender as a class system is a useful schematic but it does not show the full terrain of gender.