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Announcement 14th July 2014.

We are saddened to announce that this week will be the final week of Feminist Times as it is.

We simply cannot survive any longer without having to change our values. Other projects like ours allow themselves to be co-opted by a big brand or not pay contributors. We would not be happy to do either.

Having already crowdfunded and made it clear that we need more members to survive, we believe the boldest and best move is to put the project on ice exactly 12 months since our naming ceremony; to celebrate 9 months of incredible agenda-setting content from exceptionally talented writers; and to acknowledge that we achieved what many others haven’t: we made a feminist online magazine that competed with the mainstream and we did it while keeping our principles intact.

We want to publicly thank our Members. They provided a pluralist platform for the stories and women often sidelined by the major magazines and newspapers. Everything we did was done with them in mind.

Today we present our final week’s content featuring Gloria de Piero, Annie Sprinkle, Camille Paglia, John Stoltenberg, Laurie Penny, Roz Kaveney, Helen Morales and of course, the last word from Deputy Editor Sarah Graham, Editor Deborah Coughlin and Founder Charlotte Raven.

All this week’s content has been written for free by writers who wanted to help us.

Deborah and Sarah have decided to move on to other projects. Find out what they do next on @deb_rahcoughlin and @sarahgraham7

Charlotte would like to hear from anyone who would like to be part of future incarnations of Feminist Times. Contact her on charlotte@feministtimes.com The website will remain live as a resource for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much. Read thoughts from some of our regular writers and editors here, plus our best moments.

We would like to thank: Roz Kaveney, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Kat Lister, Jude Wanga, Karen Ingala Smith, Glosswitch, Louise Pennington, Philippa Willitts, Ruth Barnes, Verity Flecknell, Helen Jones, Leisa Taylor, Lynne Segal, Kate Smurthwaite, Fran O’Leary, Rosie Wilby, Garry Mulholland, Emma Harris, Louise Miller, Danielle Vitalis, Kat Banyard, Gloria de Piero, Francesca Baglione, Jan Woolf, Louise Irwin, Marie Berry, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, Anna Sheahan, Decca Aitkinhead, Susan McCafferty, Gerard Allt, Ewan Cowie, Bobby Baker, Raga Woods, Carly Smallman, Sarah Campbell, Lynne Parker, Lynne Segal, Susan Hemmings, Micheline Lobjois, Gabriela Cala-Lesina, Carman Wright, Ros Harbour, Mike Joslin, Hilary Clayton, Sarah Henderson, Ben at iNDUSTRY, Tom Sheahan, John Sheahan, Josh Cooke, Tabitha Stapeley.

Best wishes

Feminist Times

Feminist Times Team

Editor in Chief: Charlotte Raven
Editor: Deborah Coughlin
Deputy Editor: Sarah Graham
Art Director: Lucy Newman
Web Developer: Shoosh Media
Designer: Neni Almeida
Accountant: Brown Mcleod

Contributing Editors
Reni Eddo-Lodge, Kat Lister & Roz Kaveney

Editorial Board
Nimko Ali, Ruth Barnes, Marie Berry, Emma Crowe, Elaine Hake, Emma Harris, Helen Jones, Tania Shew, Jan Woolf

PR Consultants: Dotti Irving & Louise Longson
Web Strategist: Tabitha Stapely

Spring 2013: Founder Members kick start the project.
Summer 2013: Membership opens.
Autumn 2013: First events. Website launches.
Winter 2013: First local teams set up. Members consulted about Campaign.
Xmas 2013: Xmas members’ event.
2014: Monthly events for members in London and, where we have local teams, across the UK. Campaign launched. Magazine for members launched.
2015: Feminist Times begins to be available to the public in shops.

Tom Sheahan, Louise Miller, Emma Harris, Gerard Allt, Mother London, Bob Dixon, Danielle Vitalis, Ed Porter, Daniel Raven, Josh Cooke, Ewan Cowie, Marcia Farquhar, Micheline Lobjois, Susan Hemmings, Kat Banyard, John Healy, Anna Sheahan, Julian Fox, Toby Fox, Alastair Campbell, Fiona Millar, Tim Bewes

28 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Patricia

    Just emailed the webmaster because I can’t make the membership link work and I’m desperate to sign up and get a big breath of fresh air!
    This is just to reinforce the same message – maybe others are experiencing the same problem?
    Advice please
    Thank you

      1. taris

        Sarah …why are you saying “Yes of course” to a male enquirer about participation in feminist debate?

        This is very much not a given. It IS controversial and the enquirer seems to be more sensitive to this fact than you are yourself.

        It is a policy for careful consideration and debate.

        It may be that you intend to rely upon the fact that you’ve initiated the project. Will you be reviewing this aggressive stance if so – since an open door policy would not actually apply given women used to the status of ‘feminist’ debate as being women-only will exclude themselves hence you won’t have the benefit of the women only experience for yourselves – which would be a loss to you if you haven’t experienced it.

        Plus you’ll be stuck with offensive male remarks and apparently these won’t be spared from the readership either.

        My main concern however (if I can’t entreat you into taking an interest in the women only strategy (and its brilliant effectiveness when operational) is that you may be hi-jacking the word feminist which actually has meaning to your predecessors in terms of what we have claimed as women for women. This I hope is not deliberately devisive on your parts. Please assure me you’d rather like to take a step back and to open the matter for debate? If not, then perhaps to change your name to ‘About Feminism’ or something approximating your intentions if not to be women only (and therefore misleading to those women among us who asserted issues of space for women). I very much regret you would be undermining those of us in prior struggles if you are more open to men than actually feminist women.

        So far the mag seems to be all about men and male perspective, so a bit odd, but hopefully that will change.

        Best Wishes…oh and how do I get back to past issues please? Thanks x

        1. Deborah Coughlin

          Hi Taris

          In Sarah’s absence I thought I would try and address some of your concerns.

          Women-only spaces, Trans issues and male feminists are currently very divisive issues within feminism. Our goal is to give as many voices within feminism, and those who identify with feminism, a platform to discuss issues just like these. We see Feminist Times as a place to have both nuanced and polarizing debate, but we do not think it is our place to prescribe on issues that are still very much being debated in feminist organisations and conferences across the country and further a field.

          Even just in the past couple of weeks we have given voice to research on Women-only Spaces, a Radical Feminist on The Truth About Men, as well as putting the question to comedian James Mullinger of whether men can be called feminist.

          And we won’t be stopping here. If you think there is a perspective we have not given a platform to yet then please email us what you would like us to cover and we will definitely be in touch about how to go forward. editorial@feministtimes.com



    1. taris

      There is no such thing as a male feminist. Can I help with this? If you do wish to avoid inflamming controversy would you possibly consider describing yourself as a “feminist supporter” please? It would be so much more appropriate and accurate.

  2. PB

    I appreciate you have had some server and link problems on your first day.

    However I am baffled as to the design which not only does not present a consistent layout and naviagtion but worst of all does not meet web accessibility standards for people with visual impairments.

    Just as an example, when first arriving at a web site it shouldn’t be necessary to alter the text size as the style should be set to meet th 100% default of the user. I am surprised that you wouldn’t implement the same standards of presentation as I am sure you would excert over a print version.

    And it doesn’t help that is some instances graphics overflow and occassionally obscure text.

    The front page should immediately prove a gateway into the content rather than haphazardly finding it floating endlessly downwards!

    I gave up looking for content in the end and for instance without the media reports of the taboo article would never have realised it existed!

    Tiny text on grey boxes dont exactly attract attention …

  3. S.D

    I do not want to sound negative specially at such an early stage of your launch. I am well aware of cots of running this without ads etc, but I still find the attitude and approach of the movement/magazine very non-inclusive and commercial. And so far, most of the emphasis is on “what/who you are not like” and “what you do not do the same as them” rather than what you are about and how you do things.
    On a more practical note:
    The details of the membership are still vague on both the faq page and the membership page (monthly? 12 months, 3 years? still not clear to me even though I have asked the question before). You just have explained that you are not like a gym, but not what the actual membership scheme is like.

    1. Sarah Graham

      The wording of the membership text is something we’ll be discussing this week, in light of feedback from a number of readers. In terms of how long you have to sign up for: there’s no commitment – you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time by emailing us. Unfortunately, without advertising membership is the only way for us to make the website and magazine sustainable. We want to be as inclusive as possible, which is why the website will always be free and we’re seeking contributions and suggestions from anyone who wants to be involved.

  4. Barbara

    Hi – I’ve signed up for membership but the address wouldn’t be correct for delivery when the magazines start coming out – is there a way to change it?

  5. Peggy Seeger


    Thank you for the lovely party on 2nd November.

    Now down to business: I donated £100 to start FT off, but I wish to pay to receive the magazine NOT the email version. Would you please set this up for me, or tell me how to do so. I am a dinosaur internet user. Your help, via email, would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Sarah Graham

      Hi Peggy, as a Founder Member you’ll receive the print version when it’s launched – for now we’re just online while we work to produce the first magazine.

    1. Deborah Coughlin

      Hi Sissy

      Magazine details will be sent out this week along with information on the roll out of UK wide events. If you are a member or signed up supporter you will receive an email, if not please keep an eye out on the site.


  6. Julia Wakelam

    I am loving Feminist Times particularly for the many divergent voices you are giving space to. Having been a feminist ever since I was old enough to know it (and probably before), I has stopped really thinking about what that means to me and to the world I live in, nor about the struggle so many of our sisters are facing. It is good to think!

    1. Sarah Graham

      Hi Emily,

      We’re still working towards it but as we said in our December Progress Report (http://www.feministtimes.com/progress-report-feminist-times-at-8-weeks/) we still need more members signed up to make the print version a viable and sustainable prospect. We’ll be publishing another progress report in March, when the website will have been online for six months, with an update on how we’re getting on. In the meantime, please do encourage as many people as possible to sign up as members and support the project: http://feministtimes.nationbuilder.com/become_a_member


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