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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Natacha RAULT

    Brothel etiquette in Amsterdam : one of the guy compares prostitution to servicing his car. To get an insight in how the johns actually behave themselves is humiliating to me as a woman. How do you feel about it? Furthermore, there are so many comments to this that it is a kind of picturing “normal” guys, as if to say that going to brothels in Amsterdam is a totally normal thing to do. I am beginning to look at all my male friends in awe. Let it be said, if you visit prostitues, dont be my friend, because I dont want you to!

    Let’s write to this guy and Vice and tell them we now want, for the sake of liberty of expression a #netiquette on #women & #prostitution #vice with a woman’s point of view, the one woman not present in this scheme, the one that refuses to let her body be sold, in solidarity with all these “girls” (the term used in this brothel etiquette) who are said to have had the choice, but surely would not advise the same so-called “choice” to their own daughters.

    => Please, let us all together post comments on this guy’s post to tell him his apparent politeness to prostitutes is a mask and denial on sheer exploitation practices of a human being, and he should try to walk one week in a prostitute shoes before even sketching a brothel’s guide.

    Together we can do it! Share largely!

    This is just a way of advertising this business, it is addressed to “first time johns”and it really makes me MAD! If these guys knew that the consequence of visiting protitutes for them is an utter destruction of their possible harmonious relationship with half the planet, would they still do it? I am also thinking of Nelly Arcan’s book “Putain” in which she allegedly asks all her clients wether they have a daughter of her age… Men should think of all these things before becoming Johns.


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