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What is Feminist Times?

We produce a PR, ad and celebrity free website for and about women. We host monthly events for our members to meet and collaborate. We have local Feminist Times Teams who roll out events across the UK and beyond. We are about to launch our campaign and we are building to a print magazine with the same guiding principles.

Our tone online and in print is witty, satirical, informed, surprising and passionate. Our content is of the highest quality, and our contributors are treated fairly. It’s the only real alternative to normal “women’s” magazines; “Life not Lifestyle” is our guiding thought. Feminist Times is a not-for-profit organisation.

We need more members to be sustainable. If everyone who read Feminist Times became a member we would be able to do amazing things.

Members receive regular updates, offers & free entry to all our events while helping us give a platform to women and subjects often not heard in the mainstream.

Please support us and keep this site free: Join today from £1.25 a week.

What is the membership all about?

Feminist Times is a crowdfunded online magazine so our readers aren’t bombarded by advertising and PR. Membership is our way of crowdfunding because it creates engagement and ownership; our members are more than consumers, they are a network. Feminist Times relies on a growing membership to launch and then to be sustainable.

How much is it and what do I get?

Members can join from £5 a month. Members are invited to monthly events including panel discussions, screenings, performances and collaborative meet-ups. Members are also invited to choose and be part of our campaigns and to help steer the agenda at Feminist Times. Members will also receive the printed magazine to their door when it launches.

What do I get for different levels of membership?

Every member gets the same, no matter what level they come in at, but of course the more money we raise the more money there is to put into content, performers, speakers and campaigns. As a not-for-profit, Feminist Times will only get better the more members we have and the more money members can put in.

I can’t do Direct Debits, can I pay another way?

It is possible to pay quarterly via cheque. Please get in touch if you would like to do this, or if this does not address your needs, and we will try to help. You can email editorial@feministtimes.com

How long do I have to sign up for?

You aren’t locked in like a gym contract; there’s no contract in fact, so you can get in touch to leave at any time.

Is the website for members only?

No, the website is free for everyone.

Will the magazine be available in shops?

Eventually, but we need to get to the level of membership that supports the distribution and production of a magazine to a wider public.

Will the magazine be free in shops?

No, when the magazine is in shops it will be for sale. Paid-up members of course will continue to receive their subscription to their door.

Will there be events outside of London?

While the events are beginning in London this Autumn, we’ve brought our local event plan forward so as of November 2013 we are launching our Feminist Times Teams across the UK. First regional events will be rolled out Jan 2014.

I want to contribute, what’s your editorial policy?

Nothing is off the table. We see ourselves as having a responsibility to curate as diverse a range of voices as possible. We want to hear your ideas, to represent your thoughts – not tell you what you should be thinking. We pay all contributors for features and comment pieces, which you can pitch by emailing editorial@feministtimes.com – please email brief pitches and links to examples of your previous work, not completed articles.

We’re also seeking unpaid user generated content for the following regular features: Taboo Corner, Feminism Is, Feminist Toolkit and Manifesto of. You can submit those, or send press releases, review requests, event details, or feedback and suggestions to editorial@feministtimes.com. To submit problems for our Radical Agony Aunts to respond to, please email agony@feministtimes.com

Are you trans-inclusive?


I think Feminism is A and you just wrote about B which I don’t think is Feminism.

Members won’t always agree with everything we publish – that’s inevitable if we’re going to give a platform to a broad range of women. But rest assured tolerance of different views does not mean lack of debate! You can always have your bite back, we will be more than happy to publish responses and you’re welcome to give feedback on the site, Facebook and Twitter.

 How do I get in touch with a media request?

Please send all media enquiries to press@feministtimes.com

Please bear with us as, with your help, we are making a radical alternative. Any new venture is bound to have its hiccups, but we’ll do our best to overcome any quickly and will keep you in the know.

Thank you all so much for offering your support to get this much needed alternative off the ground. We are working hard to honour these commitments. We continue to strive towards hitting our membership targets so please do share the opportunity with like-minded friends.

Any more questions? Email editorial@feministtimes.com

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