Feminist Times is more than just a website and magazine. We know our members are passionate about a whole range of feminist issues, and we’re committed to campaigning on those issues, as well as showcasing the grassroots campaigns of our members.

The public vote to decide on our first campaign will launch SOON, with a choice of four campaign pitches to choose from…

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  1. Hilary Williams

    The excitement and joy of early life is being murdered in schools throughout this country. Gove ignores not just the experts but the whole field of academic research. Bring back play and real learning and release our children from the shackles of inappropriate testing and teaching so that at seven children are ready and happy to become literate and numerate. Children have to be in school for a long time, get the early years right and the rest is a breeze.
    This may seem trivial in the light of the terrors that exist in our world but children are the future and they are going to need to be strong. Through play they will learn.

    1. Jane fraser

      Might be worth getting hold of the review of education in Wales chaired by prof dai smith of welsh arts council which recommends putting creativity back at the heart of the curriculum

      Jane fraser

  2. Helen

    Hi I couldnt find another option for contacting you. Unfortunately at this time I have little money to contribute to afford to be able to subscribe online and I initially was interested to seek out if and when you were planning to release a paper copy in shops as this would be my preferred method and I would make time to read it then. However, I have been tipped off about the existence of this magazine on facebook and a couple of threads have developed in relation to it on TESP group page. Unfortunately some of the comments were dissatisfied with your efforts and attempts to reflect feminism as true to each other and all. This immediately made me feel less inclined to pursue your publication as i am exhausted from all the struggling against my peers trying to get them to acknowledge there is still a place for feminism. I was thrilled at the idea of this magazine but i am now discouraged from buying into something that may still be discriminatory towards people for who they are when they are not doing anything wrong. I have linked you the following links for feedback.

    I would love to support you but will be openly acknowledging any further negative feedback so that I can assure myself that I am channelling my energies in something worthwhile.

    As I say this is my immediate response to identifying whether i am going to pursue this magasine and this feedback may or may not be of use to you.

    Thank you

    1. Sarah Graham

      Hi Helen, a lot of that information – how to get in touch and when we hope to be able to sell Feminist Times in shops – is available on our “About us” page: In the meantime, the website is and will remain free to access. We want Feminist Times to be as inclusive as possible, so we’re listening to all the feedback and taking it on board.

  3. Kait Duerden

    First Campaign? My vote would be to campaign on domestic violence. Still 2 women a week dying at the hands of partners; nothing seems to have changed in decades on these figures. And beneath them is the iceberg of abuse perpetrated and endured on a daily basis.
    I remember the campaign “No Man Has The Right” in the 80s / early 90s. Great material which helped publicise the appalling statistics and raise understanding of the issue.
    We have: No national figures collated by the police; no evident political will to address the issue; continued platitudes in the press when dreadful, high profile cases come to light.
    We need to take this issue head on

  4. Mari Booker

    I would like to extend my own campaign of not making women choose a title.
    I didn’t want the title of ‘Mrs’ when I got married in 1972 and first bought Spare Rib.
    All these decades later, I am divorced, and don’t want to choose any the options that are offered on websites.
    I expect that it is men who design the majority of the websites, as I know how few women go into computer science.
    I am even forced to choose a title when booking airline tickets, but none of us has a title in our passports.

    It is the 21st century. I don’t want a title. I am a woman with two first names and a second name.

    1. FB

      I agree completely with fighting the campaign against having to choose a title that indicates your relationship status as a woman, when a man doesn’t have to make this choice or disclose this info. Personally I am married but use MS simply because it is no one else’s business…

  5. Paul T Horgan

    I think that Feminist Times should campaign against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. There should be a strict liability offence on the parents in the UK of any female under the age of 21 who exhibits signs of having undergone FGM, irrespective of where or when it was performed.

    1. Tanya

      I agree so strongly with this. After reading some truely horrifying articles about female genital mutilation, I was as equally shocked to hear that is is still happening in the U.K, with few people knowing or speaking about it.
      This hush hush notion of if we dont talk about it means it will go away must be stopped.

  6. Brenda Ellis

    As a long time active feminist and now a pensioner –
    1.Please can feminists now acknowledge that women also are abusers. 1 in 4 cases of DV are now women on men. We need to debate this issue. Why is this happening? Has it always happened but we are unaware? As a feminist I can no longer ignore or dispute this.
    2.Charlotte Church made very good speech on exploitation of young women in music industry contrast that to Rhianna’s Pour it up on You Tube…!!
    3. The need to inspire young women and girls and support and help them. How do we make Feminism something young women and girls want to learn about and how do we teach them?
    4. We still need assertion training and confidence building for young women to take charge of their lives.

  7. S.D

    Some topics that require urgent attention:
    1. Stopping female genital mutilation
    2. Ending forced marriages
    3. Fighting honour-related violence

    Other issues:
    1. Even though employers are legally obliged to pay female staff equally, there is no way of finding out about this at work place. So we either have to trust the company or find out by chance or other ways. Demands for checks and inspection on companies to enforce pay equality.
    2. Using a single title for women: I find it so unnecessary to declare my marital status to airlines, banks, telephone companies etc, whereas for men a simple Mr will do the job.

  8. MP

    A great campaign I would love to see run is to remove the constant use of the descriptive label “Pornography” in the media when discussing videos or internet sites depicting rape, sexual violence and child sex abuse. These things are crimes and not “Pornography”. It not only lessens and confuses the crimes, but gives the impression that it is just at the extreme end of Pornography. Surely, the definition of pornography is consenting adults having sexual relations for money. Which is another interesting point, if prostitution is illegal, where a person is being paid to have sex, why is video pornography legal, where people are being paid to have sex on camera?

    Anyway, I digress, let’s get the media; television, radio, newspapers and magazines to report these crimes correctly as say them for what they really are.

  9. Esther

    How about getting VAT completely removed on sanitary products? VAT is supposed to charged on luxury items, and ‘luxury’ is most certainly not the first word I’d use to describe the warfare that occurs in my womb

  10. Donna Navarro

    I would like to see a campaign focusing on women in prison. There are lots of branches that could be focused on. So many have been victims of abuse (an incredibly high proportion in fact) and have found themselves involved in the criminal justice system because of the male violence they have experienced either as children or as adults, or both.

    As a society, We now have Grayling’s ridiculous reforms for rehabilitation to contend with. These will continue to have a negative impact on women in the criminal justice system. Most women have been sentenced by white, middle class men to disproportionately harsh sentences. It’s a fact that women receive longer, harsher sentences for less serious offences than men.

  11. Donna Navarro

    Belinda, thanks for pointing out my error in writing ‘longer’. The point I was trying to make was that women receive custodial sentences for less serious offences than those received by men and are treated disproportionately by the UK criminal justice system.

    Please see this link outlining the stats relating to women in prison:

    “In the 12 months ending March 2013…Women serve shorter prison sentences than men and for less serious offences….26% of women in prison had no previous convictions – more than double the figure for men (12%). 28% of women serving sentences of under 12 months had no previous convictions, compared with only 12% of men…”

    1. Emma Gibbons

      Social services departments and corporate parenting where women exert power and threats to take children away when they dont look at the mother child bond and the love surrounding a young person would make interesting reading. The pressures to institutionalise adults and children and how to maintain maternal rights.

  12. Lynne Coombe

    Hi Team
    Happy New Year Everyone.
    Re Campaigns.
    My list in no order does include:
    *Domestic Violence against either sex.( Its the use of power why is it necessary? why cant we live together without this awful activity?)
    *Femail Genital Mutilation. This a crime and has to be stopped
    *Education of our children. There are so many issues around this subject…but there is too much emphasis on learning and not enough on encouraging children to learn to play, together and separately. To understand sharing first and have a childhood!.
    *Sexualisation of children and women through advertising.
    *Equal pay for women in all sectors of employment.
    * Teaching money sense in schools.. promoting ethical finance through credit unions and encouraging the demise of Pay day lenders!
    However my 2 strongest suggestions for campaigns are around the subjects of –
    1. Encouraging individuals to believe they can determine and develop their own lives by understanding choices and consequences.
    2. We do not become invisible at 50!
    On both of those subjects I passionately believe that improvements are possible.
    Glossy Magazine (loosely and variously termed as womens magazines) Never ever get down to the meat of the subject, which should promote discussions and workshops that ‘ordinary people’ can afford to attend. I would be willing to get involved in these along with the all of the above.
    I have read the manifesto and support it. I am impressed by the way the articles have been set with actual references and believe the magazine the has ‘right credentials for me’!. I am heartily sick of ‘plastic’ magazines where the models look like a good meal would kill them! Buts its the advertisers who sicken me much more with the blatant use of sex to sell everything…..its time it changed…it has to change, the damage that is done everyday is tearing our society apart.
    I hope that this brand new year will enable the plans to unfold as it should.

  13. Nicola A

    I think we need to address the issue of women’s represeantation at Government level in the Uk and globally – I think that until this is addressed and indeed rectified (how is the question!) a lot of the issues mentioned above will continue.

    There is obviously a lot more to it than that but this is where we should start. The West London Fawcett Society is at the preliminary stages of producing a report and starting to lobby local councils and eventually Parliament. We’re planning to base the report on funding cuts and how they have a negative impact on women (e.g closing rape crisis centres, NHS cuts…you name it!). If the Fem T would like to help out/raise awareness of this we welcome you 🙂



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