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Chi Onwurah: Feminism is…

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ChiName: Chi Onwurah

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Bio: Labour Party member of parliament for Newcastle Central, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister and Chartered Engineer

Feminism is for me the expression of a  fundamental law of the universe, like Newton’s first law of motion, that all human beings are of equal value and equal worth and deserve an equal opportunity to fulfil their full potential whatever that is.

I remember hearing on the radio that the Sex Discrimination Act had been passed. It was 1974 and I was nine. I was amazed and extremely angry  – I couldn’t believe that I had lived nine years in a world where it was legal to discriminate against me because of my gender.

Of course, just like fundamental laws, its application can be complicated and we are certainly some way from a unified theory of social justice. Feminism is not a solution, in and of itself, but it should inform how we work towards solutions for the many challenges we face.

It is both obvious and inspiring and those who object or disagree have failed to grasp one of the fundamental principles on which the universe is based.

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